"Prison Break" fans have been waiting for a new season since the series ended in 2009. Fans were given a somewhat happy ending with the series finale; but fans still wanted more. In 2009 "The Final Break" was supposed to answer all of the questions that were left unanswered in the final season of "Prison Break" but it left most confused. We all know that Michael Scofield dies; but that is obviously what the writer's wanted you to believe. Endings like that always leave things open should a reunion ever happen.

'Prison Break: Sequel' is slated for 2017

And that is exactly what is happening now. It came down the pipeline a couple of years ago when Wentworth Miller who plays Michael Scofield posted on his Facebook that it looked like there was going to be a television showreunion if everything went well.

Fans were baited, hooked, and reeled in; counting down the months until "Prison Break: Sequel" finally saw the light of day.

Where will the show pick up?

Dominic Purcell, who plays Scofield's brother, Lincoln Burrows has already reclaimed his role as well as Miller. Robert Knepper, who played Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell, has shared on his Facebook filming and production photos giving fans clues to his return.These are not the only show alumni returning. Amaury Nolasco, who played Fernando Sucre, Scofield's cellmate, is also making his "Prison Break" return.

The show is set to pick up seven years after the season finale ended. Scofield is in a Yemen prison making this seasons focus on the mission to break him out.

There is the possibility of the storyline which shows Michael being completely transformed by this experience.This has caused fans to be concerned about how Michael Scofield will be able to return as one of the Fox River 8. It's speculated that Scofield didn't die and he's been hiding away somewhere all these years; faking his own death.

The trailers say otherwise.

As we learned from the previous seasons of "Prison Break," Michael Scofield has a son who doesn't know anything about his father. In the new season, the son will begin asking a lot of questions about his father which could lead to a possible father and son reunion.

Whether fans can agree on that remains to be seen, but all fans are in agreement when it comes to the return of "Prison Break;" it's long overdue.

It has been confirmed for nine episodes and the return date is scheduled for sometime in April 2017.

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