Formerly in the saga of ''Dragon Ball Super'', Prince Vegeta and Son Goku were trained by the angel Whis-san, achieving greater powers and a new transformation, the Saiyan Blue. After obtaining these new powers the warriors began to fight with the Freezer Commander that in the end was defeated by the equipment of Goku and Vegeta.

After several battles, sagas and other Goku and Vegeta managed to merge to fight against the immortal Zamasu who has already been defeated in the chapter number 66. After finishing this battle would end the saga of Black Goku and Trunks.

Finishing the Trunks saga, the Z Warriors would need to train for the next tournament that will be released in the next few chapters.


But, who is going to be the coach? Whis? No, he will be the father of Vados and Whis, the Great Priest, Daishinkan-sama.

Who is the Great Priest?

The Great Priest is a character who was first shown in the ''Dragon Ball Super'' saga, he the one who receives all the people who go in search of omnipotent god Zeno-chan, the planet of the King of the All. He is the father of the angels of the destroying gods Beerus-sama and Champa-sama.

The Great Priest seems to be young because of his short stature.

He has hair with a light color, celestial foot like his children like the eyes. Unlike the other angels, his ring surrounds his head and part of his neck, while that of his children surrounds the neck.

The Training of Goku and Vegeta

This training will take place in the next chapters just before the next saga begins, and by the time the tournament begins, Goku and Vegeta must be trained so that they can fight against the gods that will be assigned to the opposing team of Z Warriors.

They will be individually trained as well as trained fused, as they would need to reach fused upper boundaries.

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The Great Priest will train them on the planet of Zeno-chan, where they will receive a heavy and effective training.

Note: This is just a spoiler based on ComicBooks. This information is not one hundred percent confirmed