Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, are very close. The two brothers live at Kensington Palace. They share an office and a charitable foundation. William is only two years older than Harry, but the 34-year-old is very protective of the 32-year-old. What concerns William right now is that Harry made a mistake in confirming his relationship with Meghan Markle by releasing a statement about it so soon into the relationship happened.

Prince William's concern

It is not that Prince William is opposed to the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

He thinks his brother publicized the relationship too soon. William believes Harry has shared too much information that only serves to fuel speculation about how serious he is about Meghan. It could also put him in a difficult position in the future whether things work out for them or not. William calls his brother's decision a "hot-headed" one. In other words, William believes Harry should not have made his feelings so public so soon. William believes making public statements should come when there is no other option left.

At this phase of his brother's relationship, Prince William didn't think it was necessary.

Prince Harry's statement

Two weeks ago, Kensington Palace issued a statement, on behalf of Harry, asking the media to respect Markle’s privacy. The statement confirmed that the prince and the actress had been dating for a few months. The pair has not been seen out together in public, but their relationship seems to be moving along at a rapid pace.

It is believed that Harry is paying for personal bodyguards to protect his new love interest.

Even though Prince William is not pleased that the statement was released, sources from the Palace indicate that William knew about the statement before it was released. Prince William sees the statement as an official announcement confirming his brother's relationship with the 35-year-old American actress.

Harry's plea to the media is unprecedented, and instead of working in his favor might work against him.

In the meantime, Prince Harry does plan to see Markle before or during the Christmas holiday. She will not be attending the Queen’s Christmas celebration at Sandringham. This is not unusual because Kate Middleton did not attend her first Christmas with the royal family until she was engaged to William after dating him for almost eight years.

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