Just when "Suites" actress Meghan Markle found her prince charming, her half-sister, Samantha Grant, has suggested that Meghan has a few bad traits that would throwPrince Harry and his family off the TV star. The mother of three from Florida has accused her sister of failing to support her family and has described her as "narcissistic" and "selfish" despite her humanitarian work. Nonetheless, it has been reported that Harry has already introduced his new girlfriend to his brother, Prince Charles.

A sense of bad blood

Samantha, who is a writer, implied that prince Harry would be quick to slam the breaks on their relationship if he was ever made aware of what Megan had done to her family.

However, she did not spill the beans on this family secret. But according to Radar Online, Samantha's family members have been disappointed with Meghan for not lending a helping hand to the family financially, since the actress' rise to stardom.

A re-occurringfamily problem

Reports have shown that Meghan's family have run into difficulties in the past and in recent times. It can be revealedthat Meghan and Samantha's fatherThomas Markle, was declared bankrupt just weeks ago. Several years prior to this, Meghan's motherDoria, was in a similar situation. She declared bankruptcy owing $52,750 in credit card debt.

Despite her family's unfortunate turn of events, Meghan told the Vancouver newspaper that she is "the luckiest girl in the world." It seems that Meghan's excitement was noticed by those around her too.

A source toldRadar Online that the actress could hardly sleep since she heard that her relationship was circulating on the net.

Once upon a time in Canada

The couple reportedly first bumped into each other in Canada, around May.

Unfamiliar territory for Prince Harry, but he was there to promote the Invictus Games. Since then, Meghan has traveled across the pond to London for what may have been more than sightseeing. Is the pair's relationship heading for a fairy tale ending? Only time will tell.

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