There’s been little doubt headaches would ensue after learning that music icon Prince died without leaving a will. Now, the estate of the late artist Prince is suing Jay Z’s Roc Nation for streaming music from the legend’s catalog. Estate managers claim Tidal only had a 90-day streaming exclusive for Prince’s “Hit N Run: Phase One” album. Any other music by Prince on Tidal would be in violation, including the 15 albums added by the service in July. The lawsuit comes after the estate allegedly rejected Jay Z’s quest to purchase the rights to Prince’s unreleased music.

Meanwhile, Roc Nation claims their agreement with Prince allows them to stream all of Prince’s previously released music, which they have been doing since the beloved artist’s death in April.

Bremer Trust, who oversees the estate, claims they cannot find proof of Tidal paying the $750,000 owed for the rights to “Hit N Run: Phase One” nor can they find any written contract. The estate is seeking attorneys’ fees and damages from Tidal and is not the only one to have filed a lawsuit against the streaming service this year.

A legacy of riches and rare, unmatched talent

The late musician was famously known for guarding his vast creation of music. In July 2015, Prince withdrew his works from all streaming services except for Tidal. Fans and those in the music industry are still anxiously waiting to hear unreleased recordings kept inside Prince’s vault. Prince once said some of which was better than his critically-acclaimed “Purple Rain” album and that he had more than one vault.

Prince’s fight with the music industry continues even after death

Tidal has been heavily promoting the Prince catalog. As of Wednesday, the streaming service has not replied to the lawsuit which had been filed in a Minnesota federal court. In his deal announcement made last year, Prince hailed Tidal as a way to release his music quickly while keeping artistic control.

A fierce protector of his music, maintaining artist control was very important to Minneapolis’ famous native son.

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