With December just beginning, it is going to be time for tree trimming music, gift wrapping tunes, and songs of the festive Christmas and holiday season. However, it seems like the same set of songs by the same few numbers of artists are always the chosen selection on every radio station and compilation CD on the market. This seems odd considering that Christmas is one of the few times in the year that the music only lasts for a month, and there is a plethora of music that's never heard at all. To prevent the repeating that major radio is known for, we are going to take a look at some great seasonal music that is not already something that everyone is tired of before it is played.

Amazing voices this Christmas

For fans who want a traditional sound with a different twist this Christmas, there is Serena Sang who covers “O Holy Night” with notes that reach a staggering E7 on the scale putting her above even Mariah Carey's version. One drawback is the overuse of melisma (vocal running) taking away from the overall performance. Just the same, this version is worthy of a listen this Christmas.

Those craving a little something with some bite will enjoy Rob Halford's collection of Christmas classics released under the name “Halford 3”.

Yes, that would be Halford of Judas Priest fame, and yes, it sounds like it would be terrible...but it's brilliant! Featuring the legendary band that did a version of, “Painkiller” that rivals the original has the most impressive and hard rocking cover of, “We Three Kings” which display some of the best guitar work of any Christmas song ever recorded. Other standouts are, “What Child is This?” that is placed in ¾ over 4/4 time, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, and ethereally original, “Winter Song”.

While on the topic of metal-tinged music, it should not be forgotten that while the well-crafted, “Carol of the Bells” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra can be overplayed by some outlets, they have a myriad of amazing music that gets no airplay such as, “The Christmas Attic" album as well as, “A Mad Russian's Christmas” which boasts one of the most sonically robust bursts of music to be found this Christmas.

Those willing to dig will even find Alex Skolnick of the band Testament on stage with TSO! Also worthy of mention is the humorous “No Presents for Christmas” by Kind Diamond and anything by Bob Rivers since MSM only plays “I am Santa Claus.”

Rare Christmas Music

For those who crave traditional sounding music that is not just a new version of old classic, but an actual old classic that is not played in rotation to the point of wanting to rend the mistletoe from the wall in rage, The Three Suns released a Christmas CD way back in 1959 that not only features some of the most technical versions of holiday music ever captured on (literal) tape, but it does so via a full-length LP that is entirely instrumental.

If one enjoys truly underplayed beauty this Christmas, the song “Pat a Pan” is easily one of the prettiest songs ever written for any purpose, let alone the holidays. The live version by Zamachoir is suggested, as is searching the net for differing takes on this amazingly catchy little piece of music.

Lastly, for those with surround systems around the tree, the dubstep Christmas collection by “Dj Drama” features some of the most well produced, intriguingly arranged versions of holiday music around. The version of, “What Child is This?” as well as the “Christmas Vacation” samples make this a superb listen.

Also worthy of mention is “Magic Music”, which mixes dubstep, trap, EDM, and the most infectious version of “Dance of the Sugar Plumb Faeries”into “Jingle Bells” that any Dj will ever do. One of the best mixes of any 2 songs heard all year.

With this list of Christmas music suggestions, the home or office can be filled with music of the season that will not make everyone in the room want to throw the stereo into the fireplace, thus knocking down the stockings. They were hung with care, after all.

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