Fans of the “Power Rangers” have been plenty curious to see just how Lionsgate’s film will update the original “Mighty Morphin” series. The studio has already revealed images of the new rangers in their costumes and their enemy Rita Repulsa, but this week, they hit fans with even more images.

Rita takes over

For Cyber Monday, one of the biggest internet shopping days of the year, Rita Repulsa, or at the very least a Lionsgate representative channeling her character, took over the official “power rangers” social media accounts.

For those who were doing some shopping “Rita” enjoyed giving her own “vile” gift suggestions, which included plenty of nods to the franchise character. She even suggested a kit to grow your own monsters. On the original series, Rita used her magic staff to cause her human sized monsters to become the size of buildings.

The social media account also released new images of Elizabeth Banks in costume as the character from the photoshoot that originally unveiled her look for the movie.

The new images provide a look at the details of the costume, proving that it does look like a deconstructed version of the Power Rangers’ own suits.

The suits have been explained by the producers and the cast as a kind of exoskeleton that acts as an extension of the characters instead of the spandex outfits of the original series.

Alpha 5 gets a new look

Rita and the rangers aren’t the only ones getting a new look for “Power Rangers” though; Alpha 5 also has a very new appearance. In the original incarnation, he was a robot who assisted the Power Rangers under the instruction of the powerful being Zordon.

Alpha 5 will be voiced by Bill Hader in the film while Zordon will be played by Bryan Cranston.

While fans haven’t been able to get a final look at the character, IGN exclusively revealed the concept art for the character, and fans aren’t exactly thrilled with what they’ve seen. Many on social media began comparing the original robot look for the character with the new alien appearance for the update. The image on the left in the tweet below is the original, while the right is the new concept art:

Fans might not be thrilled at Alpha’s new long limbs and more sinewy appearance, but like Rita’s costume, he appears to have a look more in line with the rangers.

The concept art for Alpha 5 features the same exoskeleton look that the ranger uniforms and Rita’s appearance do.

Even more ‘Power Rangers’ scoop

If you’re looking for more hints about just what’s in store when the movie hits theaters next year, “Power Rangers” has a very meta way of releasing new information -- by giving Angel Grove High School, the school the teens attend in the film, its own blog.

Power Rangers” lands in theaters in March 2017.

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