The new update of "Pokémon Go" is now available for all fans. Android version 0.45.0 and 1.15.0 for iOS, brings new improvements and adjustments to the world of "Pokémon GO," with some as prestigious as the arrival of the daily rewards, or several developments regarding the Pokémon Gyms among other improvements. Here is the complete list of changes. It is worth it to say that the information shared below, is official fromNiantic/Nintendo.

The new update of the game

Bonuses for the first catching of Pokémon, or visits to a daily Pokéstop, with a higher bonus if done for 7 days straight. After defeating the Gym Leader in a Pokémon Gym of a rival, there will be a brief period, in which only the winner can put a Pokémon in the open gym.The total prestige losing a Pokémon Gym opponent when a regular member is defeated, has gone up.

The total of prestige won by training in a gym owned by a friend has gone down. This is an interesting improvement over the original version.

The last Halloween event

As we can see, Nianticcontinues improving its game slowly, with new features useful for both Pokémon Trainers, as well as those looking to complete their Pokédex in peace. This update comes after the successful Halloween event of "Pokémon Go," which enjoyed great success among users and shows to the world and the users, that the Pokémon game is still popular today.

Additional information

According to unofficial information, Niantic is developing a new update, which will bring major changes in the game. It is said that with this new update, it will arrive -- new game modes, which will allow the user to have fun freely.

Many doubted the success of this application, because initially there were many complaints from users. However, Niantic was always ahead, assuming responsibly for some errors, affecting the game. Today, once more "Pokemon Go," has again recovered its fame, and undoubtedly remains one of the most downloaded and used worldwide applications.

We look forward to new updates and new changes to share with you.

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