Pixar's Disney short, "Piper" is streaming via Vimeo HD on Twitter and the charming movie which is so cute, entertaining and full of stunning effects we expect from the animation company that made "Finding Dory" is making people's day. It is indeed, a superb way to start the day, even if you saw it before "Finding Dory." The six minute short is described by Kashi Suraweera on Digg as "incredibly beautiful," and "adorable, as well as "visually stunning," and that just about sums up the gorgeous animated film.

You will without any doubt, find yourself saying "Aaw!" and "So sweet!" This is a heart-warming and beautiful rendition of nature.

Piper the baby learns about getting food on the beach

The charming storyline is about how mommy bird tries to teach baby Piper to find food along the sea-shore. The little cutie is quite excited to leave the nest and trusts to mommy bird to keep him safe and well. Running and exploring, eating and hunting about with delirious happiness, a big wave comes along and - like so many of us have experienced during a day at the beach - "whoosh" Piper is swept up onto the sand.

Cut to little Piper looking a bit soggy and huddling in the nest.

Hiding in the seaweed leads to a new experience

When mommy comes along to persuade Piper out the nest and back to the beach he scuttles off and hides in the long grass. Hauled out like a naughty kid refusing to obey, he once again is enticed back to the water's edge. Oh no - another waves comes, but wise now - little Piper rushes up the beach and hides in a clump of seaweed, but emerges doing what looks like a Michael Jackson "walk" until you realize he is riding on the back of a hermit crab.

Piper decides to get curious about this little creature and when another wave swamps the free ride, Piper rushes up, concern all over his little face. The next scene is a LOL one, as another wave comes hurtling towards the little bird. Copying the crab, Piper tries to dig himself into the sand.

A near tragedy moment and Piper the hero

Digging into the sand is no help and for a moment Piper lies underwater, the crab tapping on his beak to wake him up.

Awakening underwater is a bewildering moment, and as the bubbles of air stream from Piper's beak, we wanna shout "Nooo!" But - the wave recedes. Piper spots mommy bird and dances ecstatically along the beach. It seems that the little bird has lost his fear of the water. While he was underwater he spotted lots of big shells to eat and our little hero now dives into the deeper water to bring out a feast for the other birds in the flock.

Naughty baby playes into the sunset

Naughty little Piper, having learned new tricks does not want to go back home, despite mommy bird's entreaties and as the sun sets in a glorious blaze of gold, he is still out there frolicking in the waves.

This is simply too nice to miss. You can watch the video below:

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