Talk about a dark horse! P!nk showed a picture her growing baby bump and no one even knew she was pregnant! How the singer managed to keep her pregnancy secret till what looks like about six months along has everyone mystified. Pink is expecting baby number two with husband Carey Hart. The mom-to-be is also an advocate for sensible weight loss (using a vegan diet and yoga), but mostly being comfy with your body, whatever its size.

Pink schools body shamers

The Princess of Punk is no Kardashian when it comes to body image.

She doesn't run to plastic surgery or kowtow to fat-shaming with waist trainers or crash diets. Pink's vocal about positive body image, especially with girls. When some fat-shamers slammed her weight gain, Pink's epic response shut haters mouths. She said she doesn't care if she has gained weight and neither should they. But, it didn't stop at self-defense. The musician says she's never taken kindly to bullying and will not stand by to watch others get it. It motivated her to write "F**kin' Perfect" to teach girls to ignore bullies and celebrate their awesomeness.

Pink: whatever shames you makes you stronger

Pink has been harassed several times over weight problems by online bullies. After childbirth, she failed to join Hollywood's race to quickest bikini body. She put her baby's and her own health first and practiced gentle weight loss. Then she put on more weight and shamers went crazy with the obesity jokes. The "Just Give Me a Reason" singer's response is tough but honest.

She admitted that she's very human and bullying hurt. But it also builds strength of character, too.

In the Pink of health and motherhood

Hearts melted when Pink shared an image of her daughter Willow snuggling with the new baby bump. A proponent of attachment parenting, she appears to be very ready for the new baby. So maybe she didn't lose weight fast. Maybe the vegan diet or yoga aren't the fast track to skinny.

So what if she does love to eat and cook and it shows in a few extra pounds? At least she doesn't have eating disorders and she's hardly obese. And you can't argue against the fact that she looks so happy with her little family (husband is in the background, presumably taking the pictures).

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