Love has continued outside of the “Big Brother 18” house for Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette and fans are loving these two together. The two “BB18” stars, dubbed “Zaulie,” have been virtually inseparable since the finale aired and they've been doing a bit of traveling lately. What's the latest?

Paulie and Zakiyah are intent on overcoming the long-distance challenge

Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore have shared quite a bit with “Big Brother 18” fans about how they are dating and head-over-heels for one another, even though this romance will remain a long-distance one for now.

Everette has shared that she is committed to finishing her master's degree in North Carolina, where she starts classes again in the spring, while Calafiore has multiple business interests in New Jersey that keep him planted there.

However, Paulie and Zakiyah are committed to making their relationship work. At least for now, it looks like Calafiore and Everette both have the flexibility in their schedules to travel and spend a lot of time together.

Earlier in the week,Zaulie spent Halloween in Edmonton doing events with fellow “Big Brother 18” stars Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel.

Zaulie hit up a movie premiere after Halloween fun in Canada

After a bit of fun in Edmonton, Paulie and Zakiyah hit up the movie premiere of “What Happened Last Night” back in his neck of the woods. Paulie's brother Cody Calafiore, another “Big Brother” alum, has a role in the new film, and fellow “BB18” cast member Victor Arroyo joined in on the premiere fun.

Zakiyah and Paulie have shared some additional social media posts over the past couple of days showing them doing everyday, casual stuff like working out together and spending time with family and friends.

How long with Everette be staying up in Calafiore's neck of the woods, and what comes after that? “Big Brother 18” fans will have to stay tuned on that front, but there is no doubt that Zaulie will be doing plenty more traveling to ensure that they see a lot of one another.

Will this “Big Brother 18” romance go the distance? Zaulie fans have little doubt that there is a bright future ahead for this particular “BB18” relationship and cannot wait to see what comes next for Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette.

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