P!nk was named Billboard "Woman of the Year" for being in a class of her own among ladies of music. She's definitely a trendsetter. But there are some whispers about Pink and the odd weight gain she's been sporting lately. The 37-year-old showed remarkable weight loss a few years ago and some wondered if perhaps she was slacking on the diet. The singer came out with the real reason she's getting larger and it will have you grinning. Because P!nk's daughter Willow is going to be a big sister!

Pink keeps mum on weight gain

Alecia Beth Moore (a.k.a. P!nk) has always been very comfortable talking about body size and has never been shy about weight gain. The First Lady of Punk advocates for women to love their bodies no matter how big or small. Her song "F--king Perfect" is a message to girls to wave the middle finger at fat-shaming, rise about bullying and realize that they are absolutely perfect just as they are. So when the "Just Give Me a Reason" artist started to look a little pudgy in baggy clothing no one dared ask if she was gaining or why.

But some guessed.

Pink and the best-kept secret pregnancy

Turns out she and husband Carey Hart are pregnant with baby number two. And Pink's pretty far along--like 6 months or so--if the totally adorably pregnancy reveal is anything to go by. Pink and Hart have been together since 2001, hit a rough patch and split up for a while. And then Miss Willow Sage Hart came along in 2011. Pink's always been known for her superior mothering so when she announced she wanted a baby, folks hoped.

What she said was that she's ready for a "third child" (that's a little joke at a husband who sometimes acts like a child). What everyone wanted to know was how she kept it quiet so long!

Pink does shockingly adorable baby reveal

Baby announcements are getting cuter all time, but this one takes the cake! She posted an Instagram photo on social media showing daughter Willow cuddling mama's baby bump.

A caption was superfluous so Pink just titled it "Surprise!" Folks couldn't help gushing over the gorgeous pair--Willow and Pink in matching vintage Prairie gowns, mom's saucy top hat, boho bangles, artsy hand tattoo, and Willow's pink cowboy boots. No wonder Billboard chose this spunky chick for Woman of the Year.

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