Since its premiere in August, 2014, Outlander has received praise from critics and different groups of fans — from those who have been following the series of books written by American author Diana Gabaldon to those who discovered the story through Starz network. The season finale that aired last July left fans wondering how Jamie and Claire Fraser would find each other again after 20 years of separation, and Book fans already have the answer for this question. Consequently, the same fans worry that their favorite moment won't be properly adapted for television: iconical details will be missing, essential quotes will be changed, characters won't look like they did in their imagination.

And executive producer Matt B. Roberts is feeling the pressure to do right by the fans more than anyone.

‘Outlander’ fans have high expectations

Many cast and crew members from Outlander are constantly interacting with fans on social media. Matt B. Roberts, who is also a writer for the show, is one of them. He has, in fact, written the episode in which the big scene happens, and shared this picture on Twitter:

For those who are not familiar with "Voyager," and don’t mind spoilers (here’s your alert: spoilers ahead!), it’s easy to understand: 20 years after the Battle of Culloden, Jamie Fraser is living in Edinburgh where he owns a print shop business.

When Claire travels through time again to find him, she walks into the print shop and he’s just there.

Book fans have been waiting for this scene for many years, so now that it’s finally happening, they want everything to be perfect, exactly as it was described in the book. Roberts’ followers have been quite vocal about it, and the writer kindly reassured them that they should not worry:

Be calm, "Outlander" fans.

You are going to love it.

Fans are not the only ones who are excited for the scene

Judging by the producer’s tweets, it seems they are currently filming the much anticipated episode, and the actors have their expectations as well. In interview for the Vanity Fair magazine, Caitriona Balfe said she thinks “it’s really special” when Jamie and Claire see each other again. And Sam Heughan agrees: “(...) when there’s a reunion (...) It should be very special."

With everyone on board, and the clock ticking, there’s no other option: keep calm and print shop on.

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