TLC has signed "outdaughtered" for a second season. The show follows the daily life of Danielle and Adam Busby, their 4-year-old daughter Blayke and their 1-year-old quintuplets Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley. There was a short season last July that introduced the first all-girl quintuplets born in the US. We watched as Danielle and Adam adjusted to all night feedings and diaper changes as the three month old babies came home from the hospital.

In Season 1 of "OutDaughtered" the couple was struggling with making a decision on whether or not to leave Texas to return to their home state of Louisiana.

Adam's job in Texas allowed him to be able to provide for the family but the lack of family around them with so many newborns was difficult. Danielle saw quickly that help from family and friends was a need, not a luxury, with five babies.

This season fans will see the same decision being discussed again but the premiere shows that they are in a larger home with more adequate sleeping arrangements. This alone will be a relief to the family. When they brought the babies home from the hospital, all were sleeping in the living room so that they could all be together.

Busby's face a tough decision for one baby

According to US Weekly, another big issue facing the family is whether or not to go forward with a surgery for Hazel. She hasn't developed like her sisters and has eye and ear infections quite often. The physicians are leaning towards an eye surgery that has a slim chance (1 in 100,000) of leading to permanent loss of vision. Adam points out that the chance of having all-girl quintuplets was 1 in 64 million so they don't tend to view odds in the same way as they used to.

The quintuplets on "OutDaughtered" were born on April 8, 2015. This puts them at the toddler stage for Season 2. The babies are crawling, trying to walk, and on the move as Mom and Dad try to keep up.

A moment of quiet!

Living in a home with so many toddlers changes the way parents look at things and that is obvious on the show. Tune in to TLC on Tuesdays to catch Danielle and Adam play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets to take an outing to the grocery store while the other stays home with the children.

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