"Once Upon A Time" season 6, episode 8 will air on ABC next Sunday. As fans recall from the last episode, the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) cast a sleeping curse on Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming's (Josh Dallas) hearts. This means that when one is awake, the other will fall asleep. It was the "OUAT" villain's way of making sure the two could never be together. Fans are curious how Snow and Charming (known as Mary-Margaret and David in Storybrooke) will deal with this situation.

Snow and Charming still communicate

A promo and a sneak peek clip were released of season 6, episode 8. It shows that Mary-Margaret and David will continue to live together.

They will even still manage to communicate despite the sleeping curse. They use notepads to write each other notes. A video of Mary-Margaret with her son is put on David's phone. They both agree that they will beat the latest obstacle set by the Evil Queen. There are also flowers and pancakes.

Mary-Margaret and David's love will get stronger in 'OUAT'

Despite the Evil Queen trying to cause Snow pain in "Once Upon A Time," her and Charming's love will only deepen. This is proven in the sneak peek clip, which shows the delight by seeing flowers on a nightstand. The back-and-forth notes also reveal that the two are staying positive about their situation.

The Evil Queen is watching in 'Once Upon A Time'

Even though they are doing their best, the "OUAT" villain is using her mirror to watch the couple. She is probably not pleased that the two are continuing to live life and that Snow still feels Charming's love. In the promo clip, Mary-Margaret angrily breaks a mirror and says that "she" is watching them.

She is referring to the Evil Queen.

The villain still cannot destroy true love

True love cannot be destroyed. It will stand the test of time, distance, separation, and any obstacle. Snow and Charming have been through so much, yet still remain together. The Evil Queen may continue to try to hurt them, but love will always win in the end.

What do you think is going to happen with Snow and Charming on "Once Upon A Time"?

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