“Once Upon a Time” spoilers for season 6 episode 9 show Belle in labor screaming thanks to being terrorized by Gold who has turned more beastly than usual. Can anything bring him back? Will their son survive the early labor? How dark will Gold go before all is said and done?

Meanwhile back in the Enchanted Forest

An extended promo for the episode shows Rumpelstiltskin coming back to the castle where he holds Belle prisoner and he hands her a baby. She’s upset that he stole the child and asks what happened to him that made him like this. Belle comforts the baby. She asks for the child’s name and he says he didn’t bother finding out since he won’t get attached to it.

Belle realizes he has dastardly plans for the child. Belle is understandably horrified. Is this what is replaying now when Belle prepares to give birth to Gold’s baby?

Gold makes trouble at the convent of fairies

Gold wreaks havoc at the nunnery run by Blue the Fairy and tells one of her underlings they can’t stop him. The Evil Queen appears and asks Gold why he despises fairies so much. She says she came to join in his fun and he tells her to go kill Zelena. The Queen isn’t willing to kill her sister and Gold dangles a relationship between the two of them to incentivize her. The Queen says he’s not over Belle but he assures her he has come to his senses. “Once Upon a Time” spoilers say Gold tells the Queen that Belle won’t accept him so he’s done.

Will the Queen fall for love again?

Gold offers to rule at the Queen’s side and she’s tempted. Could be green queen Zelena’s last days coming soon if Gold can woo his way into getting the Evil Queen to kill for him. Gold tells the Queen he’s going to send a message by fairy. He sprinkles gold dust on the one he holds prisoner and she ages instantly.

Is that a threat to Belle that Gold plans to take their son and age him to grown immediately? Clearly he won’t walk away from his son and he’s lying to the Queen about being over Belle.

Can Emma save Belle’s baby as she goes into early labor? Will Gold show up and force his presence at the birth? Storybrooke will be celebrating the birth of a new son tonight but will he be good like Mom or oh-so-dark like his Daddy?

“Once Upon a Time” is on tonight at 8 pm on ABC.

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