Now you can binge on your favorite Netflix Movies and shows offline, as in download them to your mobile device and watch them without an internet connection. Sound good? Here's how it works.

On Wednesday, Netflix announced that members will be able to download their favorite movies and TV shows to watch offline anytime — as in no WiFi connection needed.

Is this a dream come true or what? You can finally binge watch on a plane, train, in the car (when you're not driving, of course), or even at the laundromat because that's a place where you desperately need a little entertainment to save you from utter boredom.

Netflix members can download content but there are some limits

If you have a Netflix membership, the download service is free. You'll be able to save your favorite flicks and shows to your mobile device whenever you want without having to pay an extra fee.

Now there's a catch, but it's not one that will cause you much pain. The instructions on the Netflix help page states that you need to delete downloaded titles before downloading more content. So, that means they may limit you from downloading tons of movies and TV series until you watch and delete.

No word yet on how much content you will be allowed to download at one time, but keep checking the company's help page for updates — it's possible that they will post more details on the limitations once they start getting questions from subscribers.

Is Netflix the only streaming service that offers downloads?

Amazon Prime started offering online downloads on iOS and Android devices in September 2015, so Netflix isn't first when it comes to no-WiFi content viewing.

However, according to CNN Money, not everything in the Prime Instant Video catalog can be downloaded onto a tablet or smartphone due to "agreements with content owners."

Netflix members can expect similar limitations when it comes to downloading movies, TV shows, and series to their mobile devices, but just knowing you can download some content to watch without a WiFi connection is a huge perk.

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