No, Nicolas Cage did not deliberately move to Canada due to Trump’s presidential win. He’s filming a new sci-fi global warming action film called, "The Humanity Bureau" in British Columbia and will remain there for a few weeks in December. The film is directed by Rob King from a screenplay written by Dave Schultz. Cast members include Sarah Lind, Jakob Davies who starred in the film "If I Stay," and Hugh Dillon.

A look into the future in the year 2030

The story is set ahead of its time in the year 2030 with a global warming disaster in parts of the American Midwest. The plot centers around a government agency known as The Humanity Bureau, who terminate unproductive members of society and banish them to the colony New Eden.

Portions of the film will be shot in virtual reality and Barco Escape, and marks the first time that Cage appears in that format.

Cage appeared in four films in 2016, including, "USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage" "Snowden" "Army of One" and "Dog Eat Dog." He was supposed to film the sequel for "The Croods" but it got cancelled by Dreamworks.

Kevin Duwalt, CEO of MindsEye Entertainment and the film’s producer is excited to work with Nicolas Cage on the project and anticipates that the film will be a hit with his followers. He stated that it’s very relevant following the global events, including the U.S. election.

Cage plays ambitious case worker Noah Kross who investigates a case appealed by a single mother (Sarah Lind) and her son (Jakob Davies).

No release date has been determined as the film is still in production.

The film is being produced and distributed in the U.S. by the Canadian film company, MindsEye, with VMI Worldwide handling international rights, in partnership with Bridgegate Pictures.

The last film they produced was with Wesley Snipes starring in "The Recall."

Nicolas Cage spotted with supermarket employee

Cage was spotted at local Canadian supermarket, Buy Low Foods in Osoyoos. and a photo made the rounds on social media of him and employee Denise Gray.

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