In the wee hours of Tuesday morning Nicki Minaj released a "Black Beatles" remix called "Black Barbies" and this has been the trending topic on Twitter for the last several hours. "Nobody does it like Nicki Minaj" wrote one fan who said they'd be "bumping" to this song all day. Her freestyle Black Barbies tune was created to celebrate Rae Sremmurd's No. 1 hit, "Black Beatles."

'Black Barbies' pokes Trump with a stick!

Sremmurd's tune hit number one on Billboards top hits Monday, but unlike the original song, Nicki's version of this tune comes with some odd twists.

She targets Trump's deportation promises in two lines of the lyrics found in her "Black Barbies" remix. The first lyric to mention the president elect says "Island girl, Donald Trump want me to go home. Still pull up my wrist looking like a snow cone." You can listen to the tune by clicking on Nicki's tweet below.

Immigration woes put to a tune

Later on in her "Black Barbies" tune she adds "Now praying all ma foreigns don't get deported." As The Huffington Post reports today, many folks feel that Trump's presidency will come bearing gifts and those gifts aren't exactly welcoming for immigrants who Trump's targeting to send back to their country of origin.

Whether it's building a wall, building a fence, or tightening immigration policies overall, these sentiments have not been received well by minorities.

Proud of '2 Lil black kids'

Despite the politics strewn among the lyrics of Minaj's "Black Barbies" remix, what the Barbados-born singer was attempting to do with her new song was to celebrate Rae Sremmud's success with their "Black Beatles" tune. She was really happy after hearing how "Black Beatles" hit number one on Billboard.

So these kids must have really impressed her!

Tops Twitter Trends

Donald Trump wasn't the only celebrity mixed into Nicki's "Black Barbies," she also referenced the late Joan Rivers. According to Billboard Nicki had the song posted on social media just 24 hours after "Black Beatles" hit number 1 on their top music list.

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