Recently, the CBS folks were so kind enough to deliver up a couple of juicy spoiler teasers for their upcoming "young and the restless" episode that's scheduled to air this Monday afternoon, November 7th, 2016. It's only about three storyline plots, but they sound pretty intriguing as we'll see Nick have a conversation with a photo of Sage! Victor barks out orders at Curtis. Maria does a little eavesdropping, and more.

Mariah gets very nosey

To get things started, I'm going to go ahead and dive right into the first storyline spoiler tease for this episode. In it, they revealed that, at some point, we're going to see Devon and Hilary be engaged in a pretty interesting conversation.

Apparently, this conversation will be over the fact that they really need to come up with a juicy story as soon as possible. Then we'll see nosey Mariah, secretly overhear or eavesdrop on the conversation, making it a pretty interesting scene. So, look forward to seeing how that all plays out on Monday.

Victor has Abbot work for Curtis

Next up, we learn that Victor is going to have a new set of instructions or orders that he will need to be carried out. These instructions will be in regards to the Abbots. Victor is going to give these instructions to character, Curtis Fielding, so it sounds like Curtis will have his hands full with that.

Nick makes a serious promise

Then last, but most certainly not least, they revealed that we're going to see a scene go down with Nick, at some point, where he's actually chit chatting with a picture of Sage.

During this conversation that's basically with himself, he will promise that he's going to start trying to make all the wrong things right, and that he's going to get started on it today! So, look for Nick to try to start fixing some stuff during this episode or in future episodes.

Alright, guys. That's all the spoiler teasers that CBS would give out for their Monday, November 7th episode.

Hopefully, that will tide you over until I get my hands on the full, rest of the week spoiler teasers. I should have them by this Monday, so be sure to check back for that, and stay tuned.

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