Alright, so I was able to dig up some new spoiler scoopage for some upcoming "young and the restless" episodes for next week, thanks to the people over at We'll get into what's going to go down in the Monday, November 28th through to the November 30th, 2016 episodes. There's some very interesting and highly dramatic stuff that's in store as we'll see sides get chosen in the big battle for Christian. Travis gets a big warning from Victor, and more.

Important advice is given

Alright, so lets start off with the Monday, November 28th installment.

It turns out that we're going to see everyone choose whatever side they're going to be on in regards to the big war for Christian. Dylan will get some advice from Michael in regards to his chances for winning visitation rights. Apparently, Michael will think he's better off without Sharon getting involved.

Major news is revealed

Next, we learn that there's going to be a situation go down between Travis and Victor that sounds pretty interesting as Victor gives him a warning that husbands can come and go at anytime.

Jill and Billy will get some news from Victoria, letting them know that she's tying the not with her dude around Christmas time.

Battle preparation is happening

In the Tuesday, November 29th episode, we're going to see Nick putting in work to get prepped for a big battle situation that awaits him. Elsewhere, Jill is going to express that she wants Billy to spill everything he knows to Victoria. Lastly, for the Tuesday installment, we'll see thoughts about the future, cause major worry for Cane.

Rough times for Chelsea and Nick

In the Wednesday, November 30th show, we'll see a situation go down where Victor experiences some success. They don't elaborate on what the success is, so we'll just have to wait to see what that is, I guess. It sounds like Nick and Chelsea are going to experience some hard times when their relationship gets thrown into a tailspin! Travis is going to get some confrontation heat from Victoria, demanding that he finally just spit out the truth for once!

Nikki tries to restore the peace

Ok, and for some bonus scoops, we'll also be able to tell you what the Thursday and Friday episodes have in store. Starting with Thursday December 1st, we're going to see Neil, express that he would like Jack to come back to the foundation. Michael is going to get approached by Phyllis at some point. They didn't say why she'll be approaching him, but just look for that to happen. Nikki will be busy, trying to put out a huge effort to restore the peace that has been lost between her sons.

In the Friday edition, we'll see a major crisis get thrown in Christian's direction, so he'll be dealing with a lot.

Hilary will run into some turbulence when her true motivations get called into question by Mariah at some point! Then to conclude the Friday scoops, Sharon is going to surprise Dylan with something she has decided to give to him. Stay tuned.

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