Alright, "young and the restless" fans. It's the end of yet another week, so I'm back to give you guys some new spoiler scoopage for the show's upcoming week of Monday, November 21st, 2016 to Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016. The reason Thursday and Friday aren't included, is because CBS will, unfortunately, air something else on those days since it's the Thanksgiving weekend and all. The info I've got does sound like we'll see this week, go out with some heavy drama and intrigue as Hilary warns Kevin she's going to get the full story.

Sharon's intense feelings for Nick, causes her to get all up in Chelsea's face, and more!

Kevin gets fair notice

Ok, so I'm going to get this started in the usual way, starting from Monday on to the next. In the Monday, November 21st episode, we're going to see Hilary make sure that Kevin is totally aware of her intensions to continuously keep searching for all the facts until she gets the skinny on the full story that went down. Victoria is going to get heavily urged by Travis to agree to his proposal, and Billy will be listening as it all takes place.

Urgent advice is given

Sharon will get some advice from Mariah that has a lot of urgent tone to it, telling her that she needs to give Dylan a serious apology at some point. We'll see Chelsea catch some really heavy confrontation heat from Sharon, because Sharon is really feeling some type of way about Nick. Then to close out the Monday spoilers, we're going to see Devon have to deal with a serious ethical dilemma.

Hilary reveals her true colors

In the Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 episode, we're going to see something go down, at some point, that causes Hilary to really show what her true colors are all about. That's all we could dig up for the Tuesday show.

Everyone settles down for Thanksgiving

In the Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 installment, we're going to see ,pretty much, most of the drama settle down as the Genoa City peeps are going to try to put all their differences to the side, so they can put in some type of civil celebration for the Thanksgiving holiday.

No Thursday or Friday episodes

Alright, guys. That wraps up the day-to-day spoilers for next week. As mentioned earlier, CBS won't be airing the show to close out the week. On Thursday, they're going to air the big NFL Vikings vs. Lions football game in the show's time slot. Then on Friday, they will air a big College football game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Missouri Tigers.

Travis shocks Victoria

I'm sure most of you guys will be ready to hit up the stores to take advantage of the big "Black Friday" sales that happen every year. Oh, I almost for got, I do have some bonus spoilers for next week.

I just don't know which day they will air on. The first one I have, is that Billy will get some heavy encouragement from Phyllis to set things right with Jack when they both agree to help feed the homeless. Victoria is going to get majorly startled when Travis serves her up a marriage proposal in the park! Lastly, we're going to see Dylan make a major choice after seeing Christian. Stay tuned.

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