Hey, "Westworld" guys. We weren't able to get the official press release spoilers for the upcoming finale episode 10 of season 1, because HBO is quite simply late in getting it out. However, we were able to dig up the next best thing. Apparently the Newseveryday.com website was able to get some good teasery intel from a few of the show's castmembers: Evan Rachel Wood and Jimi Simpson. Evan plays character: Dolores Abernathy. Jimmi Simpson plays character: William.

Some people might cry

They told the press some very interesting things that we should expect to see take place in the big, upcoming season 1 finale.

Unfortunately, they didn't go into specifics. They just said that it will deliver some scenarios that are going to really astonish people and leave some of them very heartbroken! So, if you're really sensitive, you might end up balling your eyes out.

Prep for some really shocking revelations

They went on to say that it will deliver some more revelations that are going to be very shocking. Then Evan talked about the gameplay, revealing that it's going to get even more intense and crazy wild in the finale.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the new episode 10 has been given the title: "The Bicameral Mind." Again, it's another unique one from the creators of the show. I have no idea what Bicameral means. I'll have to Google that later on, but again, it's very unique to say the least.

Possible season 2 spoilers dished

Wait, wait, wait. That's not all, the website also mentioned that the finale could deliver possible season 2 intel, saying that it'll possibly show two sides to robots that could be either evil or good.

While on the topic of season 2. HBO did email me a press release, confirming that they have definitely renewed Westworld for a 2nd season. I did see some rumor news about it, possibly not getting a 2nd season. I thought it was BS as soon as I saw it, because the show is just way to successful for that to happen.

A lot of people watch this thing

Anyways, all of you fans can rejoice for that, because it is certainly official, straight from the mouths over at HBO.

They said the show is currently averaging about 11.7 million viewers per episode, which is quite huge. It was not indicated how many episodes they ordered for season 2, so we'll just have to wait until they release that information on a later date. Stay tuned.

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