Recently, the folks over at HBO were very kind enough to drop me the official spoilers/press release for their upcoming "Westworld" episode 7 of it's premiere season 1 right into my email inbox. I just got a chance to give them a good read. While not terribly revealing, it does offer up some very intriguing and dramatic-sounding stuff as Maeve deals out some sort of an ultimatum. Dolores and William, head into very treacherous land, and more!

I wish I could pronounce the second word of this title

The "Westworld" producers decided to call this 7th installment: "Trompe L’Oeil.” Now, that is some title. Unfortunately, I can only pronounce the first word of it, I think.

Some dangerous terrain gets visited

Anyways, moving things along, lets get right into these synopsis spoilers from the HBO peeps. It turns out that we're going to see Dolores and William, decide to make their way into some new terrain at one point. However, this doesn't sound like it'll be a good idea as this new terrain is described as being very dangerous, so look for those two to possibly find some serious trouble at some point.

Also, Lawrence is supposed to be tagging along with them.

Bernard gets into some heavy trouble

Next, we learn that Maeve will decide to hand out an ultimatum of some sort, and it'll be directed at Lutz and Sylvester. So, that should make for some interesting drama. From there, the synopsis revealed that we're going to see Bernard in a situation that becomes quite sticky, and he's going to be trying to find some way to get himself out of it.

This scene should deliver some very suspenseful footage.

Charlotte tries to expose Ford's creations

Then last, but not least, we'll see Charlotte be pretty busy as she attempts to expose some very important mistakes that Ford made in his creations. That should bring some extra drama to the table. The episode was written by the team of Halley Gross & Jonathan Nolan, and Frederick E.O. Toye, directed it.

Alright, so that's all we got for this episode, but she sure to look for the spoiler promo clip to release tonight after episode 6 airs, because it's sure to deliver new details about the episode.

Episode 7 is confirmed for November 13th airdate.

The press release also confirms that episode 7 is due to air next Sunday night, November 13th, 2016 at 9pm eastern standard time on HBO, so be sure to make note of that on your TV calendars, and stay tuned.

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