Alright, so as previously reported, AMC recently dropped the new spoiler clips for their upcoming "The Walking Dead" episode 3 of it's current season 7, and they showed footage of Daryl back in action after getting taken by crazy Negan and his large army of villainous men. The promo clip (below) only shows brief footage of Negan, doing his thing, but it is pretty interesting. However, mostly, we just see a lot of Daryl and Dwight footage.

Negan tells Daryl a few things

During the Negan scene, it appears that he's telling Daryl that he loves that he doesn't scare easily.

I say it "appears," because that part of the clip doesn't actually show Daryl's face in the frame, but I'm assuming it's Daryl, because he's pretty much the only one that Negan would taunt like that in these particular scenes, given the fact that he left Rick and his crew and took Daryl with him. All the other men have already been put in check, so that just leaves Daryl.

Daryl tries to escape, I think

Another interesting scene that's featured in the promo clip, is that we see Daryl, appearing to be making, what seems like, an escape attempt with Dwight in tow.

I'm definitely not sure how that's all going to play out, but it should provide a ton of suspense, given how just absolutely insane we've seen Negan to be. If Daryl gets caught, there's no telling what Negan will do to him. Hell, Daryl already hit him. I'm surprised he still alive to be honest.

Dwight pulls out as gun

Anyways, there's also a couple of other pretty significant scenes that they tried to cram into the short promo.

One of them, shows Dwight pointing a gun at another new guy that's on the scene. Then they show some other new, unknown chick, saying to go back, because there's more, or something like that. I couldn't fully make it out, but she seemed very serious, so that should be interesting.

More fight footage goes down

There's also some heavy fight footage that's briefly shown in the clip. The episode is titled, : "The Cell," which I believe is definitely referring to Daryl's situation of being locked up.

So, bravo to the title team for coming up with such a brief, yet very descriptive title for this latest installment. Episode 3 is, of course, scheduled to hit the airwaves this Sunday night, November 4th, 2016 at 8pm central standard time on AMC. Stay tuned.

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