Alright, so it's a new week, which means it's time for new spoilers for the upcoming "The Walking Dead" episode 7 of the show's current season 7. We got these new set of teasers straight from AMC by way of the TV Guide folks, so lets give them both a round of applause. As usual, AMC loves to give us very vague as hell spoilers, and they keep them real short. We've got about 2 storylines we can share with you from this release. They sound quite interesting, though, as more insight into the evil Saviors, gets dished up.

The focus heads back to Alexandria at some point, and more.

We get shown more intel

They decided to name the title of this installment: "Sing Me A Song," but I don't think there's going to be anyone singing any songs on this show. I would be really surprised if they do. Anyways, here's what is going to go down in "Sing Me A Song." It's revealed that the plotline will switch up its focus, at one point, to give us a much more detailed look into the land and reality of crazy Negan and his Saviors pack.

They didn't used to be this bad

For those of you that unfamiliar with the history of Saviors, they didn't always used to be homicidal maniacs. They used to just kill all the whack zombies. However, once their pack started growing into one of the largest organized groups in this apocalyptic world, they started to turn into the violent lunatics that we've come to know and hate today.

They started picking on other survivors and taking all their stuff, like they did with Rick and company in one of the previous episodes.

The Savior's main base of operations, is the Sanctuary that is mentioned in the most recent synopsis. It's a heavily fortified factory with a secure fence surrounding it. It's main entrance is surrounded by the horde of chained and impaled walkers that were shown in one of the episodes.

A big supply search goes down

The 2nd storyline that the synopsis reveals, is that the focus is going to eventually shift back to some of the people in Alexandria as they go in search of more supplies.

Again, the description is very vague, so that's really all we can give you in regards to that, right now. However, AMC is expected to drop their usual spoiler clips after episode 6 airs tonight. We believe that they will show more details about the episode, so be sure to be on the lookout for those.

Also, we do have confirmation that the new, 7th installment will be airing Next Sunday night, December 4th at 8pm central time, so be sure to write that date down on your TV schedules.

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