Yeah guys. You read it right. You are really getting a lame Christmas cartoon from The CW, tonight, instead of the new "Vampire Diaries" episode 6 of its current season 8. It turns out that CW has elected not to show the latest installment, most likely, because it's Thanksgiving weekend and all. I don't have absolute confirmation of that, but I think it's a darn good guess if I do say so myself.

You guys wanna watch a cartoon tonight?

The cartoon that CW has planned for all of you who plan to still tune into the network, tonight, is titled: "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer." The description that TV Guide has for it, is that character, Jake Spankenheimer, makes an attempt to locate his grandmother and rescue her Christmas shop after it gets put in extreme danger of being sold off by his very greedy cousin, named Mel.

If that doesn't sound interesting to you, you'll definitely want to make sure you have some other plans on the menu.

Extreme action gets taken

Ok, so having said that, I do has some good news to tell you. CW did leave us with official plotline spoilers for the new episode 10, along with an extended promo clip (below). The episode has a really long title too. It's called: "Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell." According to the synopsis, we're going to see Caroline take some serious action in response to one of the Sirens: Seline, kidnapping her children and running off with them to only God knows where.

Major tension goes down

We're also going to see Stefan, show up to tell Caroline that he's going to go all out in an effort to rescue her kids! Things will get really intense between Caroline and Alaric too. Apparently, their tension is going to get so heated that they're going to, what they describe, face some really harsh realities about the future of their family!

A serious decision has to be made

Next, we learn that Sybil is going to pull off another vicious stunt that Enzo will not be able to fight against, which will prompt Stefan to dive into Enzo's subconscious mind. During this time, Stefan will set off a couple of reactions that will ultimately cause Stefan to have to make a decision that could change his life forever! And you know what they say about forever?

It's like a really, really long time, so this definitely sounds quite serious.

We'll also see Bonnie and Matt appear at some point, but they didn't describe what they'll be doing. Paul Wesley aka Stefan, directed this one, and Alan McElroy wrote it. They put the Stefan life-changing choice part in all caps, so that could very well be one of the main storylines in this one. This installment is scheduled to air next week, Friday night, December 2nd in its usual 7pm central time slot, so be sure to jot that down on your TV schedules.

Intense stuff in the extended promo clip

In the clip (below), Alaric is spotted on the phone with Seline, trying to ask her where in the hell are they?

She tells him, the kids are safe with her. Then we see a very pissed off Caroline, informing Stefan that she's going to kill Damon if he tries to harm her kids! There's also a scene where Damon is seen, greeting her kids.

Another scene, shows Seline and the kids doing that crazy, fiery spell again. It looks very intense. It caps off with Stefan, spotted in some big, big trouble when some dude tries to clobber the hell out of him, and more! Be sure to take a look at it, and stay tuned.

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