Uh oh, "Flash" fans. I've got some major, official spoiler scoops for the upcoming episode 7 of season 3 straight from the CW. They sound very serous and intense as we're finally going to see Caitlin go full blown Killer Frost mode on us. Not only that, she's going to try to attack The Flash and Vibe at some point, and more. This is going to be one hell of an episode that you won't want to miss.

Caitlin unleashes the frosty beast

The show's producers have aptly titled this one: "Killer Frost." Enough said.

It's definitely a fitting title as Killer Frost is just going to be on a mad tear after getting fully unleashed. CW made sure to start this press release off ,in all caps, with the words: Killer Frost emerges. Apparently, Caitlin is going to get caught up in a situation where she uses her powers to rescue Barry from some crazy trouble, I'm guessing. And that is going to be the breaking point for her.

Killer Frost goes on a shocking attack rampage

From there, the inner Killer Frost evil that's residing in her, is going to completely take over, and she will go on a major rampage, trying to seek out Dr.

Alchemy. During this time, she will end up, kidnapping Julian and getting into a heavy battle situation with The Flash and Vibe. It should serve up some pretty epic action scenes.

A very serious conversation goes down

To conclude their spoilery press release, CW also revealed that this episode will feature Joe and H.R., engaging in a very serious chit chat at some point. The team of Brooke Roberts and Andrew Kreisberg were responsible for the teleplay of this episode, and It was directed by Kevin Smith.

The episode 7 spoiler clip is releasing tonight

Alright, that's all the juicy spoilers that we currently have for this episode. Of course, some other stuff could pop up at anytime, so be sure to check back. CW is expected to release a new promo spoiler clip for episode 7 after episode 6 airs ,tonight, so you'll want to be sure to look for that as they usually offer up more details that aren't covered in the press releases.

Also, the promo clips give a visual look at what you can expect to see go down in the episode.

We also got confirmation that episode 7 will be airing next week, Tuesday night, November 22nd, so no delays for next week. Be sure to mark your calendars for that one.

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