Hey, "Teen Wolf" peeps. We got some new spoiler intel for the upcoming episode 4 of season 6 in the form of a brief synopsis and a promo clip (below) from the MTV folks. The synopsis is pretty short, giving us just two storylines for it, but the clip shows a lot more and it looks intense as hell! It turns out that things will get very interesting and highly drama-filled when the lacrosse team gets rescued from a hefty Ghost Riders attack attempt. Lydia is getting pretty close to finally tracking down Stiles, and more.

That was a close one

MTV also revealed the producers are calling this episode: "Relics," which is a pretty short and simple title. According to the official description, we learn that the Ghost Riders are going to, at some point, try to launch an extreme attack on the precious lacrosse team. However, they're going to fail in their attempts as Scott and Liam, show up to make sure the attack doesn't play out.

A lost one might get found

Elsewhere, it's revealed that Stiles will still be missing in action.

However, we get some hope that his absence won't last for too much longer as they reveal that Lydia's frantic search for him, has served up some clues that are leading her closer to finally locating him!

Something very interesting gets said

In the new clip (below), we see Lydia doing something that totally freaks out some lady, who tries to ask her what the hell is she doing? Malia is spotted, saying there never was a Stiles, implying that he's been erased too.

In another scene, Lydia says something very intriguing, claiming that people can't just be erased. Something is always left behind.

Major dragging scene is shown

We see a very intense scene that features Parrish in his total,flaming glory and he looks quite angry as hell. We also, of course, see Scott, putting on his usual hero act, claiming he's just going to protect everybody. Good luck with that.

We see more intense Ghost Rider scenes. They're seen, dragging the heck out one poor guy to close out the clip. Be sure to check that out, below.

We also got confirmation from MTV that episode 4 is ,indeed, scheduled to air on Tuesday night, December 6th at 9pm eastern standard time, so be sure to make note of that on your TV itinerary, and stay tuned.

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