Alright, so I've got some pretty bad news for you "Supernatural" fans out there. It turns that tonight, CW is electing not to air the new episode 7 of season 12 for an undisclosed reason. However, I think an educated guess would reveal that it has something to do with it being the big Thanksgiving holiday, and given that most people are out, running about, doing things with their families to celebrate it, they figured it would be best to just air it next week. Again, it's just an educated guess or speculation, since no official statement was released about it.

Anybody up for "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

Anyways, having said that, the CW will be airing reruns of it's show called: "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" If you like that show, you're in luck, because that's literally all they'll be airing in both the 7pm to 8pm and 8pm to 9pm central time slots. If you absolutely care nothing for that show, you are most certainly going to want to switch up your plans.

It's going to air soon, I promise

Ok, now we've gotten to the part of this article where I tell you guys the good news, yay!

You guys can expect to see the new episode 7, which is labeled: "Rock Never Dies," make its debut next Thursday night, December 1st in its usual 8pm central time slot, so you'll definitely want to make not of that in TV viewing planners or whatever you use to map out your days. If it's your brain, just make sure you have a very good memory, of course.

Spoiler clip for you guys

CW did deliver their usual spoiler/promo clip (below) for "Rock Never Dies," last week.

I've included it (below) for those of you who have not gotten a chance to check it out yet. In the clip, Lucifer is spotted on the scene in a different body, and Dean wants so much for it not to be him. Castiel tells him, they don't know if it's him, but it's him and he's spotted singing some hard "Rock n Roll" music, yeah! Check it out.

A new body for evil

We also got a brief synopsis about what will be going down in the latest episode.

It turns out that we're going to see Lucifer come to the realization that possessing rock star, Vince Vincente's body, apparently allows him to get pretty much everything he wants, via all his swarming, groupy fans.

Lucifer tries to kill many

This knowledge, absolutely thrills the heck out of him and he sets up a secret VIP concert that's designed to end with all their deaths, so that's really not good at all. And as you can imagine, we'll see Dean, Castiel and Sam, be quickly on the move, trying to navigate the underbelly of the music industry, so they can crush Lucifer's evil plan. Stay tuned.

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