Alright, guys. it's that time again. I've got some new, very interesting and dramatic Shameless spoiler teasers for you guys, courtesy of Showtime. They will reveal details for the upcoming episode 7 of season 9. It turns out that Lip will try to hide the fact that he's slipping back into drinking again. Crazy Frank tries to stay away from Monica when she comes back. Fiona runs into more problems with the Laundromat, and more.

Debby gets some help from Monica

This 9th installment has been given the name: "Ouroboros." Now, that's a damn unique title right there. Alright, so according to this official synopsis, we're going to see the return of Monica Gallagher to the scene, and it sounds like she'll be quite busy as she'll quickly get to work, trying to help out Debby in her quest to get Franny back.

Frank runs from Monica

Next, we learn that crazy Frank is going to have some type of problem with Monica as the description reveals that he's going to do everything that he possibly can to avoid her after he finds out that she's back in town. Lip is going to have his hands full as he has started relapsing with the drinking, and will be caught up in a situation where he tries to hide it from everyone.

Trevor and Ian get into it

In this next reveal, we're told that we're going to see a major fight situation, go down between Trevor and Ian at some point. Unfortunately, they didn't reveal if this fight is physical or verbal. We're just going to have to wait for the episode to air to get that intel unless one of the spoiler clips reveal it.

Fiona deals with a bad review

We're going to see Fiona experience more troubles with her new Laundromat investment when it gets a bad review from someone. They don't specify how important this review is , if it's on Yelp or what not, but it's a bad review ,none the less, which doesn't bode well for the business.

Kev and V try to get some help

Then to wrap things up, we learn that we're going to see things get so bad with the Svetlana situation that it's going to cause V end Kev to actually seek out some marriage counseling, so it certainly sounds like that arc will give us a couple of interesting scenes.

Ok, so that was definitely a good amount of scoops that Showtime let us in on this week.

If you want to see more details about this episode, be sure to look for the 3, new spoiler clips that Showtime will be dropping later on tonight after episode 9 airs. They'll definitely give you guys a visual presentation of what's to come in next week's episode. Also, be sure to schedule this episode in on your calendars to air next Sunday night, November 27th at 9pm eastern standard time.

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