Welcome back "Shameless" fans. We've got quite a bit to share with you guys about the upcoming episode 10 of season 7 as Showtime was, once again, pretty generous with their synopsis teasers. We're going to see some really interesting things happen in this one as Fiona is finally hit her wits-end with this whole laundromat situation after she finds out she'll have to invest in some very expensive repairs. Svetlana has done something so bad that Kev and V are ready to care of things on their own, and more!

It's almost time to get rid of this thing

The producers kept things pretty short with the title of this installment, calling it: "Ride or Die." They gave us about 3 storyline reveals, but I'm pretty sure we'll definitely see more when the show airs.

Anyways, lets get on with it. It turns out that, at some point, we're going to see Fiona get faced with having to do some major renovations and repairs to this laundromat that she decided to buy. Apparently, the repairs will be so expensive that Fiona is going to just consider selling this thing off. So, definitely look for a lot of Fiona struggling action to go down.

Ian deals with something major

Next, we learn that we might be seeing the return of jailbird Mickey ,pretty soon, as they describe that Ian will be dealing with the fact that Mickey might be finally out of prison. They didn't say if Mickey will definitely be back, but the way they describe it, could certainly lead one to believe that we may see him back in action.

Kev and V hit another level

Then to wrap things up, Svetlana has committed yet another extreme act of betrayal against Kev and V. It will be so bad that it will spark Kev and V to try and take this matter into their own hands to get the job done. So,it sounds like that part of the storyline will definitely pick up some heavy drama steam.

That's everything that Showtime revealed for this written, spoilery session. However, as always, they will be releasing about 3, new spoiler clips after episode 9 airs tonight, so you'll definitely want to be searching for those as they will , with out a doubt, show you even more of what you can expect to happen in the next episode.

The TV Guide schedule, confirms that episode 10 is, indeed, set to be shown on Sunday night, December 4th at 9pm eastern standard time on Showtime, so be sure to commit that date to memory, and stay tuned.

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