Alright, "scream queens" guys. It's that time, again, for some new, juicy spoilery goodness. This time, it's for the upcoming episode 8 of season 2. We got them by a way of a new FOX press release, which served up a few storyline spoiler scoops, so lets give FOX a great, big round of applause for that. They sound like such wonderful people. Anyways, seriously, this one should be really interesting as Zayday and Chamberlain, stumble upon some new intel about the killer that's really going to be very startling!

Some dude from Dean Munsch's past, shows back up to try to get her back, and more.

Here's what they've named it

Here's the title that we got for this installment. They ended up, naming it: "Rapunzel, Rapunzel," so that sounds cute, I guess. Anyways, they kicked off the press release by telling us that this thing is going to get scary hairy, whatever that means. We also learn that Jamie Lee Curtis aka Dean Munsch, directed it.

Somebody's got a crush

From there, we finally get into the main plotline description, and here we go.

It's revealed that we're going to see some guy that apparently had some relationship history with Dean Munsch, make his way over to the CURE institute with plans set in motion to try to hook back up with her.

Jealousy gets a hold of Brock

If that weren't enough, they say this new attention, is going to cause Brock to get jealous as hell, which will continue to cause him to question his true relationship with Chanel.

Where it all started

Then to cap off the press release, we learn that some some major plans are going to get cooked up by Zayday and Chamberlain. These plans will intel, trying to find out where this new Green Meanie killer actually came from, and the results of their findings are described to be very shocking, so that sounds extremely interesting. You're not going to want to miss that one.

Alright, so that's going to do it for the official episode 8 description, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for FOX's new promo clip that they'll most likely serve up tonight after episode 7 airs.

It should offer up some additional details that you can expect to see in next week's installment.

Speaking of next week, we can confirm that is when episode 8 will be airing, which is December 6th at 8pm central time, so be sure to commit that to memory or schedule it on on your DVRs.

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