Hey, "scream queens" people. This is going to be a great session, because I've got some really good episode 7, season 2 spoiler scoops for you guys, thanks to the wonderful folks over at FOX. They delivered up their weekly press release for the show, which revealed a moderately lengthy description for the latest episode. It turns out that things are going to get pretty wild and crazy with Dr. Holt's surgically replaced hand at some point. Dean Munsch tries to get a risky surgery pulled off. Nurse Hoffel is up to no good ,again, and more.

This installment is appropriately titled

They decided to name this thing: "The Hand," which seems very fitting as one of the main storylines, seems to revolve around Dr Holt's crazy hand issues getting taken to the next level. In fact, that's what FOX put in all caps for this press release. They say, Dr. Holt is going to be utterly stressed out.

Holt has some serious hand problems

To elaborate, we're going to see Holt's hand start to get even more dangerous and wild than it has ever been in the past, which will undoubtedly cause some heavy issues for him, so we'll be seeing how he deals with that.

It should be very interesting.

Dean Munsch asks for a lot

Holt will also be apart of another pretty stressful storyline, involving Dean Munsch. It's revealed that she's going to try to get a lot more positive press for the hospital by attempting to get Holt to pull off an extremely dangerous surgery!

Nurse Hoffel is back at it

Elsewhere, some surprising things will take place in regards to Cassidy when Chanel #3, forces him to take a psych test to discover the main cause of his condition.

Apparently, some shocking will come out of that test. Then last, but most certainly not least, we're going to see a very devious and vindictive plan get set into action by Nurse Hoffel at some point.

Ok, so that will wrap up this week's spoiler coverage as far as the FOX press release in concerned. However, some more stuff could pop up from some other places. One thing you can watch out for, is the new promo/spoiler clip that will get released after episode 6 airs tonight.

It should give you guys some new, visual looks at what's coming up in the next installment.

We also got confirmation that episode 7 is scheduled to hit the airwaves, next Tuesday night, November 29th at 8pm central time, so be sure to schedule that in on your TV calendars.

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