Ok, so the new spoilers are in for FOX's hit horror/comedy series: "scream queens," and these spoilers are for the up coming episode 6 of the show's current season 2. The official press release from FOX, makes it sound like this episode will finally serve up a breaking point as we'll finally get a shocking reveal in regards to the Green Meanie killer! Also, some major revenge plotting will be going down as Nurse Hoffel, seeks to fill her thirst for vengeance, and more!

The vicious killer gets exposed

First things first. Episode 6 has been titled: "Blood Drive," which is pretty fitting for, at least, one of the storylines for this episode as there is a blood drive that gets organized at one point. FOX started out their official press release by revealing, in all caps, that the vicious Green Meanie murderer is going to finally get revealed at some point. So, that'll be a very important plotline in this episode.

Too many patients show up

Next, they revealed that a whole lot of new patients are just going to bombard the CURE institute!

In response to this, Chanel and Deam Munsch are going to put together the blood drive ,that I mentioned earlier, in an effort to hopefully remedy a major shortage that they've encountered.

Nurse Hoffel's up to no good

Then , getting over to Nurse Hoffel's storyline. We're going to see her be very busy, attempting to implement a vicious plan that involves revenge of the worst kind! At one point, we're going to see crazy, looney Hester attempt to actually join the hospital staff, which will certainly cause a great deal of extra trouble to come about.

They don't mention all the trouble she will cause in this synopsis, but definitely be sure to expect a lot of trouble coming from her.

A startling revelation revisited

To wrap up their official description, they made sure to mention, again, the shocking revelation that will occur with the evil Green Meanie killer. It should be a crazy, intense episode.

Extra Chanel lackey action

According to the guest character list, we're going to see Chanel #7 and a Chanel #8 get featured at some point.

No doubt, they will be Chanel's new patient recruits. They'll probably just being doing a lot of chores that Chanel doesn't want to do herself.

Anyways, after weeks of delays, it looks like the show is going to be back to its regular viewing schedule as episode is confirmed to air next Tuesday night, November 22nd at 8pm central time on FOX.

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