Recently, CBS served up the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "scorpion" episode 9 of season 3. They come by way of a press release, which reveals the official synopsis for the episode. I just gave it a quick read, and even though it's pretty short, it does reveal a plotline that sounds like it'll offer up an extreme amount of suspense and action as the team will have to race against the clock to stop a nuclear reactor from exploding, and more!

Paige's mother has a very important message

To get this thing started, the producers decided to label this episode: "Mother Load," and it sounds pretty fitting as somebody's mother will be involved in the main storyline. The official plotline spoilers, reveal that we're going to see Paige's estranged mother, Veronica (Played by actress: Lea Thompson), show up on the scene.

Veronica warns team Scorpion

Veronica is going to give the Scorpion peeps a ring, ring to inform them that she accidentally found a nuclear reactor.

Apparently, this nuclear reactor was forgotten about by whoever planted it, and is about to explode! This will, of course, prompt Walter and company to work as fast as they can to make sure this thing doesn't go off and kill a lot of people. The episode was written by Kevin J. Hynes, and Jeff T. Thomas directed it.

A couple of guest characters are in the mix

We also have a few guest stars on deck. They are: actor Scott Porter as character: Tim Armstrong, Lea Thompson as character: Veronica, Amir Korangy as character: Dr.

Patel, Reiko Aylesworth as character: Allie, Dan Dratch as character: Dyfrost, and John Hartman as character: Kaldor/Glenn.

Alright guys. that's all the spoiler scoopage that CBS would let loose about this episode. We're sure it will feature more plotlines than that, but the whole nuclear reactor thing will obviously be the main plot that will be going down. Be sure to keep an eye out for the new promo/spoiler clip that CBS will release after episode 8 airs ,tonight, because I'm quite sure it will show you guys some extra details about this episode.

Episode 9 is confirmed for next Monday

Additionally, the press release did confirm that episode 9 is scheduled to air next Monday night, November 21st, 2016 at 8pm central time on CBS, so be sure to mark that date down on your TV calendars, and stay tuned.

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