Alright, "scorpion" fans. Unfortunately, it's one of those times, again, where we've got a delay in the episode action. This time, it will be for the show's upcoming episode 10 of season 3, labeled: "This is the Pits." Instead, CBS has scheduled in a rerun for tonight, and that rerun will be for an episode that will feature a plotline where the global economy gets threatened by a crazy hacker.

Gone for 2 weeks

If you don't want to watch the rerun, then you'll definitely want to make other plans, not just for tonight, but for next week as well, because the show is going to be gone for the next 2 weeks.

It sounds like it's taking a break of some sort. That's what I'm assuming, anyways. So, you guys can expect to see the new "This Is The Pits" installment to air on Monday night, December 12th in its usual 9pm central time slot.

Somebody's about to run out of breathe

This past week, we did get an official press release from CBS for the new episode 10, which delivered up an official synopsis for it. They reveal two, pretty significant storylines that will be taking place. So, lets go ahead and jump right into these bad boys.

It turns out that Walter is going to put his life in an amazing amount of danger when he tries to swim through the deadly La Brea Tar Pits in an effort to rescue some crazy chick that somehow got herself trapped there. It's described that she's about to run out of oxygen, so Walter will be strapped for time, making this a scene that will be filled with tons of suspense that we've gotten used to seeing from this show.

That part of the episode was also put in all caps in the press release, so we're pretty sure that will be the absolute main storyline.

Mommy's back to no good

Next, we find out that 2nd tier storyline will feature a scene where Paige's mother has shown back up on the scene and is going behind Paige's back to help little Ralph, sell more of his troop cookies. I guess that should have an interesting outcome.

Actress Lea Thompson returns to play Paige's mother. This one was directed by Sam Hill, and the writing team of Kim Rome & Nicholas Wootton, penned the script. Stay tuned.

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