Hey, "Quantico" peeps. Unfortunately, we've got some pretty confusing and bad news for you guys, tonight. The official spoilers for the upcoming episode 9 of season 2, are currently no where to be found, and I've looked through all my sources. Finally, I was able to discover something that tipped me off as to why. I looked at the TV Guide listings for next Sunday night, December 4th and guess what I found. Quantico's time slot was replaced with a different show, called : "Secrets and Lies."

This is all we know

That's right. ABC is bumping Quantico from its primetime line up, next week, to air a new episode of "Secrets And Lies." Now, beyond that, I'm not sure when we can expect to see the show return.

The only reason I was able to get that intel, is because the TV Guide grid listings, extend out for the next 12 days. Beyond that, it's a blank.

No other information on episode 9, is posted anywhere else that I currently know of. Of, course. I'll keep digging for it as I'm sure something will pop up in the next few days or weeks. Who knows? I'm guessing they, most likely, hit their midseason finale with the airing of episode 8, tonight, but it's highly possible that is not the case, and that episode 9 will air in a couple of weeks. The only thing I'm sure of, is that it won't be airing, next week, so you might want to prep for that.

Something may pop up tonight

Also, we might see some very vital information for episode 9, come as soon as tonight, because ABC usually drops a new promo/spoiler clip for the next episode after the airing of each episode.

So, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for that after episode 8 airs tonight. It'll definitely let us know when the 9th installment should be airing, along with synopsis details for it.

Priyanka's doing something else

Right now, we just have nothing, not even a freaking title for it. Hopefully, that'll change after tonight.

In some other news, the main star of Quantico, Priyanka Chopra aka Alex, is going to be quite busy as it's reported that she's working on a new Punjabi feature film, named Sarvann, and that she's picked Toronto as the filming location. There's a rumor going around that she might halt the upcoming season 3 of Quantico to pursue this movie project.

I don't think it's true, though. It better not be true. Anyways, stay tuned.

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