Hey, "Quantico' guys. I'm guessing that you arrived at this page, tonight, because you flipped on ABC to check out your favorite show, only to find out that the new episode 8 of season 2 isn't on. Instead you may have seen a couple of performers on stage or something like that. Yeah, it turns out that the big , Annual 2016 "American Music Awards" are the main entree on ABC's primetime line up. They do this every year, so it's not any surprise or anything. It sounds like it'll be an interesting special.

The only problem is that it's at the expense of the new episode. I know. It sucks.

The good news

Having said all of that, I do have some good news for you guys. This will just be a one week setback, and the show will return with the new episode, which is titled: "Odenvy," next week, Sunday night, November 27th at 9pm central time standard time, so be sure to make note of that and mark it down on your TV calendars.

Spoiler promo clip shows new, dramatic action scenes

In the meantime, to hopefully tide you guys over just a little bit, ABC did drop the promo/spoiler clip (below) for the "Odenvy" installment in case you never got a chance to take a look at it.

In the new clip, we learn that episode 8 is going to be the Winter finale episode. Some major arguing is spotted going down in regards to them being at war and what not.

Shelby goes to bat for Alex

Then we see a scene that features a ton of terrorists in on-foot action with guns that are ready to be fired. Alex is spotted in heavy action too, trying to get to a safe place. Shelby is seen, putting up quite the intense argument for Alex, saying that she's on the inside and can save millions of lives.

A shocking betrayal is in store

The clip closes out, revealing that the last 5 minutes is going to feature the most shocking betrayal that we've seen thus far, along with Alex, delivering some heavy, kick-butt action fight scenes. It doesn't look like those guys stand a chance with those flying elbows coming at them. Anyways, check it out, below and enjoy.

Brief episode 8 synopsis intel

Also, ABC did deliver an official description for this episode.

It says that Alex and company will be on a very intense mission that involves trying to destroy a set of very dangerous, biological weapons. We'll also see new farm scenes that involves the trainees, learning how to be ruthless liars and relationship destroyers. So yeah. No biggie. Stay tuned.

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