Last night, ABC dropped the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming "Once Upon A Time" episode 8 of its current season 6. They also threw in a teaser synopsis for the episode. I just got a chance to look at the clip, and it looks mad wild as the Evil Queen is spotted in serious action, trapping Regina and Emma in one of her wicked mirrors! Snow white is spotted, heavily ticked off, trying to break all the mirrors at one point! There's a huge dragon thrown in the mix, and more!

We got a very fitting title for this one

To start things off, the producers have decided to name this 8th installment: "I'll Be Your Mirror," and that's certainly a fitting title for this episode as the Evil Queen's mirrors will certainly be the main theme of this thing.

A brief teaser description

Now, for some reason, ABC is always pretty late on releasing the official press release for the "Once Upon A Time" episodes, so we don't have the full synopsis for episode 8 yet. However, we do have this brief synopsis that's actually coming from the clip itself.

It states that curses is what the Evil Queen does best, and that she's most definitely going to conjure up her most malevolent spell to date! So, there's going to be some big, big trouble, taking place in the episode.

Snow White gets really mad

In the clip, we see Snow White, totally flipping her wig after she discovers another Evil Queen curse has been inflicted. In retaliation, Snow starts breaking every freaking mirror she can find in an effort to lessen the Evil Queen's upper hand on them.

The Evil Queen unleashes her most vicious spell

Next, we see Regina and Emma, plotting up a plan that may provide a solution to their mad Queen problem. It entails, trying to trap her in the world behind the mirror, which sounds like some extremely deep stuff indeed. However, things quickly go south for Regina and Emma when the Evil Queen reveals that she's already thought up the same plan, and actually inflicts it upon them, trapping them in the world behind the mirror instead!

Oh no!

Emma and Regina face a fierce dragon

From there, we see Regina and Emma in major jeopardy as there's apparently a huge dragon that has been waiting for their arrival, and he's definitely not greeting them with a smile. More like an "I'm about to burn you and eat you" greeting. The clip caps off with the Evil Queen, putting the icing on her evil cake by giving a kill order to kill poor Emma and Regina. Again, oh no! Check it out, below. Episode 8 is scheduled to air this Sunday night, November 13th, 2016 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.

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