Hey, "NCIS: New Orleans" fans. Yeppity, yep, yep. Unfortunately, it's that time ,again, for me to chime in with some bad news. It turns out that the new episode 8 of the show's current season 3, will require some patients on your part as CBS has elected not show it, tonight. We're not sure why. All we can tell you is they'll be serving up a rerun for an entirely different show, called: "Bull," in its time slot. That's the new show from the former NCIS guy, Michael Weatherly. I don't know if it's any good or not.

I've never watched it. If you don't want to check it out, you'll most certainly want to make other plans.

Better days are coming

Alright, guys. I feel like I should give you a bit of good news to sort of counteract this awful news I've just given you. So, that's what I'm going to do with the help of CBS, of course, because they have, indeed, graced us with a press release for episode 8, which serves up a brief, spoilery synopsis for the episode. It also confirms that you guys will only have to wait until next week, December 6th to see the new, 8th installment, so be sure to jot that down on your TV schedules.

Here's what they're calling it

It turns out that the producers came to the conclusion that episode 8 should be called; "Music To My Ears." That title doesn't really apply to anything in the synopsis spoilers they gave us, but maybe it'll make more sense after watching the actual episode.

A vicious murder goes down in front of a kid

Anyways, the synopsis lets us know that we're going to see a very young, 9 year old kid, actually be the only witness to the murder of his aunt.

Since his mother is away on active duty, the NCIS: New Orleans crew is going to take it upon themselves to watch over the boy until she returns. They also described the aunt to have been a petty officer and a member of the very prestigious United States Navy Band. So, it sounds like she was pretty accomplished. It'll be interesting to see how the investigation plays out.

That part of the storyline is the only one that was featured in the press release, so they certainly decided either not reveal too much, or it means that most of this episode is going to totally center around this event.

Now for the credits. Michael Zinberg directed it, and Kate Sargeant Curtis served up the writing duties.

We're still waiting for CBS to drop the new spoiler clips for episode 9. You'll definitely want to keep an eye out for those as they should be out pretty soon and reveal more information about it.

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