Alright, it's that time again. CBS gave us 2, new plotline spoilers for their upcoming "NCIS : Los Angeles" episode 11 of season 8. It turns out that we're going to have to wait a little bit to see it though, but more on that later. We're going to see some pretty interesting stuff go down in this installment, but we'll also see some cheesy stuff too as it will show the crew, do holiday celebrating together at some point. The action part of the show, will feature them, investigating a bigtime disappearance a Navy Commander, and more.

A festive title for this one

"Tidings We Bring" is the title that was assigned to this episode. It has a holiday feel to it with the whole use of the word, tidings, and all. I'm sure that'll be in reference to the holiday celebration part of the storyline. It was pretty difficult to dig up these spoilers, given the fact the show is going on a break, but thanks to the folks, we were able to get our hands on the synopsis.

Someone important is missing

The synopsis, reveals that we're going to see a Navy Lieutenant Commander , come up missing at some point.

This person was apparently working with the NSA in an effort to take out some cyber threats. This person's disappearance, is going to prompt the NCIS L.A. crew to launch an extreme investigation attempt to look further into this matter.

Holiday celebration stuff

Then the 2nd storyline reveal, lets us know that we're going to see some cheesy, holiday celebration, taking place, when the team decides that they need to do a little celebrating together.

Alright, so that wraps up this week's spoiler session. I'm pretty sure that there will be more action than what that short synopsis, revealed. It usually always does. It's certainly possible that CBS will have a promo/spoiler clip, ready to be released ,tonight, after episode 10 airs. If they do, it's sure to show us more intel about the episode, so you'll definitely want to see about checking it out.

Out for a few weeks

Oops, I almost forgot to get back to why we'll be waiting a while to see this episode. Silly me, silly me. Here's the deal. The schedule that I'm looking at, right now, is telling me that the "Tidings We Bring" installment isn't scheduled to air until Sunday night, December 18th,2016 in its usual 7pm central time slot, so the show is definitely going to be taking a break for a few weeks. Be sure to make note of that date and be ready to go without a new episode for a while. Stay tuned.

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