Hello "NCIS" peeps. I'm so very sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but the new episode 9 of season 14 will definitely be put on the backburner by CBS tonight. Apparently, for some unknown reason, they want to show us another one of their lame Christmas cartoons instead. Even worse, it's a musical too. The cartoon that they will be airing is, the classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," which first aired way, way back in 1964. If you don't want to watch this, then you know what to do. You know what to do.

If you're one of the few who want to watch it, I won't make fun of you. It's ok.

December 6th is the date

Anyways, now that I've gone over the bad news with you guys, l'll throw a little good news your way. This little break will only be for this week. CBS is scheduled to air the new episode 9 ,next week, Tuesday night, December 6th in it's usual 7pm central time slot, so be sure to make note of that on your TV calendars.

A Congresswoman is in major danger

Also, the CBS folks did deliver some official spoiler intel for the new 9th installment.

I'll start things off by giving you guys the title of this thing. It turns out that they wanted to name it: "Pay to Play," which sounds like a pretty interesting title. The synopsis tells us that we're going to see a poor Congresswoman, named Jenna Flemming, get bogged down with a ton of serious threats that get so bad that the NCIS crew has to get brought on to find out who in the hell is doing this, and to also provide some heavy, temporary security for this lady.

We'll see Director Vance be the one in charge of the protection detail that has been assigned to Jenna.

That part of the plotline was put in all caps, and will most certainly be the main storyline for this episode, especially given the fact that they described absolutely no other storylines that will be going on in this one. Actress, Mary Stuart Masterson, is guest starring as the Congresswoman, Jenna Flemming.

Arvin Brown served up the directorial duties for it, while Cindi Hemingway was hired to pen the script.

Be on the lookout for spoiler clips

CBS has yet to serve up new spoiler clips for episode 9, but you'll definitely want to stay on the lookout for that on Youtube or something, because they should be releasing some clips any day, now, and they'll will certainly reveal more intel about the episode, along with showing you visual scenes. Stay tuned.

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