Ok, so CBS recently gave us some new, official spoiler,synopsis intel for their upcoming "Lucifer" episode 10 of its current season 2. They were delivered up through a press release. The synopsis they provided was pretty short, but they did reveal some really interesting storyline information, because it turns out that we're going to see Charlotte get really extreme in her efforts to get Lucifer to leave Earth by messing with Chloe. Also, Charlotte will , somehow, get Amendiel to become her little, lackey foot soldier or something, and more.

Charlotte really wants Lucifer gone

They also gave us a title for this installment. The producers have named it: "Quid Pro Ho." Say, what? I'm not even going to touch that one. All I'm going to say, is that is a very, very interesting title and leave it at that. To start off their press release, CBS put in all caps that Lucifer's mother will try to get him to leave Earth, so I'm pretty sure that will be the dominant theme of this episode.

Chloe gets tampered with

From their, they go on to elaborate by revealing that we're going to see Charlotte start to take her quest to get Lucifer off Earth to the next level by attempting to get Chloe to turn against him at some point!

They also mentioned that she is just going to be really determined to get Lucifer out of her hair.

Maze starts to question Amenadiel

Next, we learn that Amenadiel will be quite disappointing in his latest ventures as they involve him, being a little servant soldier for Charlotte. It'll be interesting to see, but it sure doesn't sound good for him. His new job will also make his loyalties get called into question, because Maze will definitely be put off by it and will start to doubt how loyal he is.

Alright, so that is going to wrap up my weekly spoiler coverage for this episode. That's all FOX would give us. However, you will have the opportunity to see a glimpse of new spoilery information about episode 10, because FOX is expected to put out a new promo/spoiler clip for it after episode 9 hits the airwaves, tonight. So, you might want to keep a sharp eye out for that.

We also learned from CBS' latest press release for this show, is that the new episode 10 is due to arrive on Monday night, November 28th at 8pm central time, so be sure to pencil that in on your TV viewing schedules, and stay tuned.

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