Alright, so The CW recently shelled out quite a bit of new, official spoiler goodies for their upcoming "DC Legends Of Tomorrow" episode 7 of it's current season 2. It definitely sounds like we're going to be treated to some really great crossover footage and intense action scenes when Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow, show up on the scene to help out the Legends. Stein ends up getting very distracted by an old aberration he created years ago, and more!

Other heroes show up to help

The title of this episode, shares the same title as a couple of other CW shows, because it's part of a big 4 part crossover series.

The episode is labeled: "Invasion." In the big plotline for this, we're going to see the Legends, find out what the Dominators' plans are for the world, which apparently will be quite severe as it prompts the Legends to get even more added help from some extra heroes: Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow at some point!

Stein tries to help, but gets interrupted

They will all work together to try and kill these Dominators as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we'll see Professor Stein, team up with some other people that will result in him, acquiring new intel about how the team can finally kill off the Dominators.

However, a wrench will get thrown into his efforts when he gets heavily distracted by an aberration that he made way back in 1987. The writing team of Marc Guggenheim and Phil Klemmer, penned the episode, and it was directed by Gregory Smith.

Ok, so that will do it for this week's spoiler reveals for now. You might want to be sure to take a look at the new episode 7 promo/spoiler clip that CW is expected to deliver after episode 6 airs, tonight, because I'm quite sure that it will feature extra and more visual details about this installment.

Episode 7 won't air until December 1st

Also, we have to inform you of some slightly bad news. It turns out that, for some reason, CW is planning to not air the new episode 7 next week. Instead it is scheduled to air on Thursday night, December 1st at 7pm central time, so be sure make note of that on your TV show calendars.

I'm guessing since next week is Thanksgiving, which I almost forgot about, is the reason why they aren't airing it.

Instead, they're just going to fill up their primetime schedule with reruns of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" If you like that show, you might have a field day with that. Stay tuned.

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