Alright, "DC's Legends of tomorrow" fans. Unfortunately, we have some bad news to deliver to you guys, tonight. It turns out that the new episode 7 of season 2 will be taking the back seat to some CW reruns for some unreported reason. However, we're guessing that it is most likely due to it being a major national Thanksgiving holiday, today.

Another show rules the night

Instead, CBS is showing reruns of their skit show: "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" I've seen the show ,briefly, from time to time. It's seems pretty interesting, so you might still want to tune into The CW, tonight, if you haven't already made other plans.

Next week is the week, baby

Now, that we've gotten the bad news out of the way, I do have some very good news to share with you guys. The new episode 7, which is being called: "Invasion," will definitely be airing next week, Thursday night, December 1st at 7pm central time, so you'll definitely want to jot that important intel down on your TV schedules.

A big hero team up happens

As previously reported, this new episode 7, it's going to be apart of 4-part storyline that is spanning across four of the network's TV shows.

We got an official plot reveal, and we've learned that we're going to see the Legends get forced to combine all their unique abilities and talents with The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow in an effort to take out a group of evil beings that are named "Dominators." The team has caught wind of the Dominators evil plans for the world, which has prompted this big team up.

A major distraction goes down

We'll see Stein, putting his brain into overtime, trying to figure out what the team can use to defeat the Dominators.

However, something that he created back in 1987, is going to cause him to lose focus of the very important task that he started working on, so lets just hope he doesn't lose focus for too long or else the heroes are going to find themselves in some very deep, deep trouble!

New, 3rd promo clip released

We also got a spoiler clip (below) for the "Invasions" installment. This is the 3rd promo they've released for it, and it gives us new looks at Felicity, asking Barry if he's lost his freaking mind when he mentions aliens as the reason he's shown back up in Star City.

Then we see an interesting scene, take place with Supergirl and Heat Wave. It's sort of cute and features Heat Wave, burning up some aliens.

The clip caps off, showing us a flurry of different action scenes that will be sure to entertain us all. It also reveals that the 4-part arc will start in an episode of "Supergirl" and then work its way through "The Flash," "Arrow" and then finally culminate in "Legends" on Thursday night of next week. Check it out, below, and enjoy.

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