Hey, "Law And Order: Special Victims Unit" fans. I'm back here, again, this week to serve up the new,official synopsis/spoilers for your favorite show's upcoming episode 7 of its current 18th season. NBC didn't give us much to work with in this one, but did reveal that we'll be seeing a very interesting and intense plotline take place as some male hockey team kids, end up getting a little to violent with their hazing activities in a locker room.

We got a short and sweet title on deck

To get things started, lets go ahead and take a brief look at this title the producers decided to assign to this episode.

It's called: "Great Expectations." It's a pretty short and sweet title.

Violent hazing takes place

Alright, so now, with no further ado, lets go ahead and dig right into this very brief synopsis that NBC was so generous enough to reveal to us. It turns out that we're going to see some hazing from top, youth hockey players, turn really bad when things get extremely violent, resulting in some sort of incident that takes place in one of the locker rooms. Unfortunately, the press release doesn't give out any details on what this incident is.

The SVU gets prompted to investigate

Apparently, the incident will be extremely serious at it ends up, prompting the SVU team to take a deeper look into it to find out all the details, so they can decide to who to pin this on. That plotline sounds like it'll deliver some pretty intense drama.

That's all NBC was willing to reveal for this episode, so that means that's all we got for you guys at the moment.

However, be sure to keep your eyes peeled after tonight's episode 6 airs, because they should be serving up a the new promo/spoiler clip for episode 7. I'm sure it will offer up some additional scene footage for it.

Look for episode 7 to air next Wednesday

Looking at the schedule for next week, you guys can expect to see the new episode 7 to air on Wednesday night, November 9th at 8pm central time on NBC, so be sure to mark that date and time down on your TV calendars, or program it into your DVRs.

Also, be sure to check back, next week, as I'll be back to deliver up the new, official spoilers for episode 8. I can tell you, right now, that it's titled: "Unstoppable." Stay tuned.

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