Recently, the folks over at CBS were so kind enough to deliver up some official spoiler scoopage for their upcoming "Hawaii Five-0" episode 8 of its current season 7. I just got a chance to read them over, and it certainly sounds like this episode is going to feature some really dangerous scenarios, along with a lot of heavy drama as crazy terrorists, show up to try to make a very high profile kidnapping! Some new Grace intel, stuns Danny and Grover, and more.

An interesting title is revealed

First off, let me go ahead and tell you guys that the producers decided to call this episode: "Hana Komo Pae." It apparently means: "Rite of Passage" in Hawaiian.

So, that's a pretty interesting title.

A big winter formal takes place

Now, lets go ahead and dive right into these official spoiler scoops from the CBS team. It turns out that Grace is going to end up, attending a pretty extravagant winter formal at some point, and Danny will be the chaperone for it. By the way, CBS made the note to put this part of the synopsis in all caps, so it'll most likely be the main storyline, and with good reason as you're about to find out.

Terrorists deliver a major attack

Next, during this chaperone, some very crazy and extremely dangerous terrorists will crash the scene and take everyone hostage in an effort to kidnap a diplomat's son! So, as you can see, this scene is really going to heat up very quickly, and pretty much, take over the bulk of this episode.

Grace totally startles Danny and Grover

To wrap up the spoilers for this episode, CBS revealed that we're going to see Grover and Danny get really sent into a state of shock by some new information that they learn about Grace.

It turns out that this shocking intel will be in reference to the fact that Will is Grace's secret boyfriend. So, I guess that'll make for a pretty interesting scene. The episode was written by Ron Hanning, and Brad Tanenbaum directed it.

Ok, guys. So, that's it for the episode 8 spoilers. However, CBS should be dropping a new promo spoiler clip for the episode after episode 7 airs tonight, so you might want to lookout for that as it will surely reveal some new details about the episode.

Episode 8 confirmed to air next week

Also, the press release does confirm that we can expect to see the new episode 8, air on Friday night, November 11th, 2016 at 8pm central time on CBS, so be sure to make note of that on your TV schedules, and stay tuned.

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