Alright, so I'm guessing that you guys got here because you are wondering where in the hell is the new "Hawaii Five-0" episode 10 of season 7 tonight? Well, unfortunately, I have to be the bearer of bad news. It turns out that the show is going to be missing in action, not just tonight, but next week as well. It's on some type of a little break right now. So, instead, you guys will be treated to an awesome rerun of their new MacGyver remake drama. If you don't like that show, then you'll definitely want to make some other plans.

We've got an air date for you

Having said that, we do want to throw in some good news for you guys.

CBS has scheduled to air the new episode 10 on Friday night, December 9th, 2016 at 8pm central time, so be sure log that date into your TV schedules or whatever. The 10th installment has been given the label: "Ka Luhi," which is Hawaiian for "The Burden."

A couple of "Ka Luhi" spoiler teasers for you

In addition to that lovely news, we've got a pretty informative, official synopsis for "Ka Luhi," straight from the hands of the CBS folks. It serves up two, pretty interesting storylines that we'll see take place. It turns out that we're going to see a boy that is suffering from PTSD, get put under hypnosis at some point. As a result of this hypnotic session, the boy is going to realize that he may have been a witness to a brutal murder!

An old case gets opened back up

This newfound knowledge, is going to prompt the Five-0 squad into heavy investigative action, reopening a cold case that's 10 whopping years old. The cold case involves a teen that had turned up missing. They reopen it, because the murder that the boy saw, could've been the one in this case, so that definitely sounds quite interesting.

CBS put this part in all caps, so look for it to most likely be the main storyline in this one hour drama.

Danny's sister is in town

The next plot reveal, lets us know that we're going to see Danny's sister, Bridget, in action. She's going to be on the scene, visiting Oahu to attend a very important business conference.

At some point, she's going to do something that causes Danny to suspect that she might be getting too close with someone she's been working with. Danny's sister will be played by guest star: Missy Peregrym.

I would've liked to have gotten a promo/spoiler clip up for you guys, but CBS hasn't released one yet. I'm guessing they feel like they have plenty of time to get one up since the new episode isn't due out for another two weeks. But be sure to look out for it, because it'll most likely reveal more intel about the next installment that's not mentioned in the press release. Stay tuned.

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