Recently, the folks over at ABC were very kind enough to offer up quite a few, new spoiler scoops for their upcoming "General Hospital" soap opera show for Monday, November 7th, 2016 to Friday November 11th, 2016 via I just got through reading a couple of them, and it turns out that the show is definitely bringing some more drama this week as Finn totally flips his wig at one point! Some really critical info, flies into Jason's lap after a heavy search. Ava gets thrown after a new discovery, and more!

Ava gets stunned

To get this weekly spoiler session started, I'm going to go ahead and dive right into the Monday, November 7th, 2016 episode spoilers.

It turns out that we're going to see Ava, finally find out who a mystery text came from, and the intel is going to really shock the hell out of her! Things will get pretty heated when crazy Andre, tells Curtis that he needs to straight up, back off! Some really heated stuff will go down with Franco and Liz when Liz tries to ask him to complete a favor for her. That's it for the Monday reveals.

Alexis faces some horrible consequences

In the Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 episode, we're going to see Alexis get pretty careless with the way she goes about handling things, and it's going to end up, causing some really frightening consequences! Jason and Sam are going to start talking again, and will hash out a new theory.

At some point, some very upsetting news will get tossed into LIz's lap, and Franco will show up to provide some comfort for her.

Finn loses his temper

Next, the Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 spoilers, reveal that we're going to see Carly and Griffin have a conversation that leads to Griffin, spilling the goods to her about some very critical and confidential stuff!

Nelle will show how freaking smart she is when her latest observation is right on point with the truth. Then to wrap up the Wednesday spoilers, we're going to see Finn just completely lose it and flip out over something!

Nelle delivers a harsh prediction

Next up, is the spoilers for the Thursday, November 10th, 2016 episode.

In it, we're going to see Nelle put on her psychic hat, and come up with a prediction about Carly that will not sound too pleasant at all! At one point, we'll see Sam, show how really concerned she is for her mother. Then last, but not least, we're going to see Finn's true motives get served up on a platter to Monica by way of Obrecht!

Max learns something really important

Finally, the week will all culminate with the Friday, November 11th, 2016 episode. In it, we're going to see Dillon and Kiki experience a really awkward run-in. Jason will end up, stumbling upon some new intel from Max that turns out to be extremely important. And to close out the Friday spoilers, a major crisis-mode situation, takes place, prompting Tracy, Liz and Finn to try to give Hayden a helping hand!

Ok, guys. That concludes my weekly session of spoilers for this week. However, some new stuff might pop up ,later on, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that, and stay tuned.

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